Biological Library of Genomic Tools


Our current library of available Genomic Tools includes cosmid and cDNA clones. Both of these resources are available to the Pneumocystis and larger scientific community of researchers. Clones may be requested by sending an email to Dr. Melanie Cushion.

Cosmid Library

Currently, we are using a cosmid library in the pWEB vector to provide a backbone (or, scaffold) for the Pc genome project. Plans are underway to construct fosmid and 10 kb libraries to complete the project (Lucigen, Inc.) We sequenced the ends of approximatly 2000 Pc pWEB cosmid clones. All Pc Cosmid End Sequences are available for download and for browsing. Homology searches against Genbank have been conducted for each of the Cosmid End Sequences.

cDNA Library

The 3-prime ends of ~5000 Pc cDNAs have been sequenced with a single read. All current cDNA sequencing reads are available for download and for browsing. In addition, a BlastX (against the NR database) on all the raw EST sequences has been conducted. Results are available at website via text-based homology search page. One can also browse EST sequences on line or download them. The ESTs are being condensed into a "unigene" set for which the entire clone sequence will be provided. Estimated posting date is September 2004.

We have deposited all Pc cDNA clones with ATCC. Ordering information may be obtained from ATCCs customer support site. In addition, homology searches for all cDNA sequence reads (against Genbank) are available from this link.