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The concept for a Pneumocystis carinii (Pc) Genome Project was presented to the community at the 5th International Workshop on Pneumocystis held in Lille, France, September, 1997 (Cushion MT and Arnold JA. 1998. Proposal for a Pneumocystis Genome project. J. Euk. Microbiol. 44: 7s.). There, consensus for such a project, the approach to be used, the genome(s) of focus, and the reagents to be generated were decided upon.

The consensus of the community was to embark on a Pc Genome project using a physical mapping strategy followed by directed sequencing. The cosmid libraries created would become a resource to the scientific community. It was also agreed to begin the project using the rat Form 1 P. carinii.

Descriptions of the initiation and plans
for the Pneumocystis Genome Project

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Additional information
regarding the Genome Project

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Information on
the genome of Pneumocystis

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