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Pneumocystis carinii Genomic Databases

Individual Pc FASTA Sequences

The CCHMC Server provides up-to-date homology (BLAST) search results for raw sequence data (reads, cosmid ends) that can be browsed and searched through. Any new sequence reads (raw data) will be immediately posted in a running file as soon as they are processed. Sequences are associated with and grouped by chromosomes. Search criteria can be full or part (source, plate or well numbers, date of post) of the identification name or a nucleotide sequence. Sequences are also available in FASTA and XML formats and can be downloaded individually or grouped by chromosome assignment. Additional links provided for each sequence make automatic submission to the NCBI server for BlastN sequence to sequence alignment. Use links in table below to start browsing data by chromosome assignment.

Sequences Chromosome
Reads (DNA) Not assigned,
1, 2, 3-5, 6, 7, 9-12 13-15
Cosmid Ends (DNA) Not assigned

Arachne Assembled Pc Genomic Data

The Partial Genomic Assembly contains sequence information on each of the current contiguous stretches of Pc genomic data. The contents of the contigs and the actual names of the contigs will change as more data are accumulated. Contigs will be posted for 3 months, then deleted and a new assembly posted. Notification of the deletion will be made on the website to alert users. One can browse and download the most current set of contigs in g-zipped file.

Pc Genomic Databases Homology Search Sequencing Progress Genomic Assembly Process