Goals Genomic DNA Sequencing Clone Libraries Sequence Annotation

Genome Project


The goals of this project are to provide a physical map, gene sequence, and an expressed gene inventory for Pneumocystis carinii as a means to better understand their molecular structure and develop publicly available, centralized information and reagents that will be used to expedite research. This project will accomplish the following specific goals over a 5 year period starting February 15, 1999 through February 14, 2005:

  1. Construct cosmid libraries of the rat P. carinii genome in at least 2 vector systems.

  2. Sequence cDNAs of rat Pc for creation of expression sequence tags (ESTs).

  3. Create chromosome-specific libraries.

  4. Order the clones containing the rat P. carinii DNA along the chromosome of origin to create an in vitro reconstruction of each chromosome.

  5. Sequence the entire genome of P. carinii.

  6. Perform concurrent functional genomic studies to address basic biological questions in Pneumocystis research.

Goals Genomic DNA Sequencing Clone Libraries Sequence Annotation